About Me

Alice Cullen

My name is Alice I’m a textile designer living in London.
I love extending the life of textiles by sprucing them up with my own screen printed designs and re-making them into something new. I want to inspire people to shop differently and live more sustainably.

I believe it’s our collective responsibility to take care of nature and our environment, reusing materials and making better choices when we make purchases is an easy way to do this. It doesn’t have to be boring though. I want my hand-printed designs on second-hand textiles to stand out and bring joy to the wearer and those around them.

You can probably tell I’m passionate about nature, I’m usually asked ‘why sharks?!’ The answer is that I’m inspired by all of Nature, but sharks especially provoke strong reactions in people, either they love them or have an understandable fear or awe, there are so many different types of sharks too.

I want to inspire people to love all of nature, not just the pretty bits. My favourite shark is a Basking shark, a gentle giant that I dream of seeing in real life one day.

My Mum and Grandma taught me to sew and the rest I've learnt along the way. Growing up my sister and I used to make costumes for our dog to turn her into a Super Hero or a Rabbit, and as a teenager my love of shopping ‘second hand’ in charity shops took hold. I found myself altering some of these treasured finds to fit or change the style, some of which are still in my wardrobe today! 

After completing a foundation course in Art & Design I knew I wanted to specialise in Textiles and it was during my degree at Bath Spa University in Fashion and Textile Design that I first tried screen printing. The technique was perfect for me to translate my drawings onto textiles and I loved the fact you can print on pretty much anything, perfect for all the second-hand textiles that come my way.

I've always loved using second hand fabrics, aside from the fact that it is better for the environment, I love that they come with a history. Sometimes known sometimes not, I get to repair any damage, add to their story and create something unique and special to be treasured for another lifetime.


Zoe Superdog wearing a handmade cape

Zoe Dressed as Superdog