Mission Statement

Alice Cullen in a park with Milla the Sausage dogIt’s my mission to reduce my impact on the environment and help others do the same!

Using second-hand fabrics to create fun, joyful clothing and accessories, inspiring people to recycle and live more sustainably.


My Values


Protection of the environment is very important to me, leaving as little footprint as possible so that future generations and wildlife don’t suffer because of our decisions or actions.

I use second-hand fabrics to divert these materials from landfills, giving them a second life and so ultimately reducing the carbon, water and waste footprint of the material overall. I source as much second-hand dead stock or recycled materials as possible including all the threads I use to labels and packaging.


Creativity and creative thinking can help us to make changes in the way we live, to step out of the flow of how things are usually done and make decisions that will have positive impacts.

I like to have fun with fabric choices and the prints I add to them. By turning an existing product like a pair of jeans into something completely different like a small shark I want to inspire people to think outside the box problem solving, recycling and reducing their waste.


I want to be responsible for what I create, I want to make the least amount of waste and do the least amount of harm.

I want to encourage people to take care of what they own, offering a service or advice to people showing how to extend the life of their clothing. I always save my scraps and offcuts to use and not discard.