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Great White Shark Pal

Great White Shark Pal

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I started making small sharks as a way to use up my off-cuts and scraps. After making a couple of sharks from a worn-out pair of jeans I discovered denim was the perfect material for them, mimicking shark skin it is also tough and stands up to exuberant games.

I stuff my sharks with British sheep's wool stuffing which is naturally fire-resistant and very light and soft for toys.

The Great White Shark is one of the most feared predators on earth but I hope this friendly version will inspire you to be curious and learn more about them and the incredible creatures that they are.

Shark size - small - 34cm nose to tail

 The faces and gills are handstitched giving each shark a cheeky unique expression.

Each Shark is unique and deciding which one to rehome might be more difficult than you think!

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