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Grey Shark Print Jacket Medium

Grey Shark Print Jacket Medium

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This Sharket will definitely see you through a British summer and probably further afield! It’s a lightweight jacket but could be worn as a shirt and it features some of the best known sharks in the sea! Hammerheads, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Blue Sharks and the Tiger Shark.

This fabric is is a dead stock fabric and is a linen rayon mix, it feels lovely and cool and has a slight stretch to it. It has a checked mini dog tooth pattern and I imagine it was destined to be a light summer suiting fabric.

The jacket has 2 patch pockets and a hook at the neckline, fastens with second hand shell buttons down the front and at the cuffs.

Designed, handprinted and sewn by me, Alice, in London!

Size: Medium- Please check measurements before purchasing.

Measurements (jacket lain flat)

Chest, 56cm across (armpit to armpit)

Length, 65cm down the back from collar to bottom edge

Arm length, 53cm from shoulder to cuff

Neck, 46cm circumference


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