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Shark Head Doorstop

Shark Head Doorstop

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For a long time I have been saving all my little pieces of offcuts and scraps that are too small to use in the hope I could use them as stuffing for my small sharks. After a bit of experimenting, I found that whilst it does make an excellent stuffing it's too heavy and lumpy for the small sharks. So I did what anyone else does in this situation and packed it all in a bag and left it for a rainy day. 

Now as I kept making I kept adding to this rainy-day stash, the bag turned into 2 big bags and one cardboard box of scraps. Another scrap-saving idea prompted me to get the bags and boxes back out and I finally got to making something that I could stuff with all these saved scraps, A Doorstop! 

The heavier nature of the scrap stuffing makes it perfect to use as a weighty doorstop but I have left a velcro opening at the base so that you can slot in some stones or other weights if you have a particularly heavy door.

Each shark head is made using scraps and off-cuts from my collection and so each one is slightly different. Please let me know if you would like a particular colour and I will try to accommodate. Fully stuffed each head weighs between 1.3-1.5kgs.

If you have some scraps to use as a stuffing you can purchase just the 'shell' of the shark and fill it yourself, or if you would like to have a go at making one yourself I have shared the instructions to make one on my blog 

This product is made to order so please allow a week for delivery. Thank you!

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